Birth Support

Experienced Birth Doula & British Trained Midwife

The central part of a Doulas’ role is to empower you to advocate for yourself by providing you with current information to make informed choices. They demystify birth by delivering warm, compassionate support and options.

Having a Doula present at your birth provides you with continuity of carer, which evidence shows can provide a more pleasurable and enjoyable experience and has lower levels of intervention. *

When a Doula joins you for your labor is your choice, you can choose how much or how little support you want. Your Doula is there to guide you, not to dictate the pace or practices for your labor.

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Your Options For Birth

  • Support at home and Hospital
  • Hospital support only
  • Support at home and Virtual Hospital Support

Please call to book your Free Consultation to discuss your options!

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Birth Prep Class

Demystifying Birth
All of these choices include a comprehensive Birth Prep class at or around 37 weeks in the convenience of your home.

The class is a:

  • A practical assessment of birth
  • Signs of labor
  • What is normal
  • What is a cause for concern
  • Coping with labor at home
  • Coping with labor in Hospital
  • Pain relief choices
  • Coping with labor during COVID
  • Complications and choices to cope with them
  • What to take to the hospital
  • Newborn care
  • Early postpartum care
  • Breastfeeding guidance