Breastfeeding & Postpartum Visits

Experienced Postpartum Doula & British Trained Midwife

Informative and Compassionate

After the birth of your baby, I am committed to the health and wellbeing of you and your growing family. I am available whenever needed throughout the Postpartum period providing you with continuous emotional and physical support and answering the questions all new moms have!

I utilize my many years of clinical experience to observe your postpartum progress. Even though I cannot treat you because I am supporting you in my capacity as a doula, you benefit from my wealth of experience as a Midwife. I will refer you to your OB or any other specialist for care should any be required.

Feeding your newborn is always a concern for mothers; I provide you with informed breastfeeding support; In addition, I also support moms who prefer not to breastfeed.

Postpartum care can be booked according to your needs, please book your free consultation to discuss your options.

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